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Blasta Books
Cookbooks by Blasta Books

Blasta Books

The Cookbook Club is thrilled to be collaborating with Blasta Books who have been connecting us with authors. Their unwavering support in helping The Cookbook Club find its voice has been deafening and we look forward to sharing lots of yummy food and stories with them on this journey.

Blasta (blastə) adj From the Irish language, meaning delicious, tasty, appetising. Rhymes with pasta.

Blasta Books are changing the way that cookbooks are published in order to make more room at the table.

Hardcover, small format and illustrated by Dublin artist Nicky Hooper, the cookbooks are released four times a year as a quarterly periodical series.

Each volume is a standalone 72-page A5 cookbook, but as a collectible series they also provide a more inclusive snapshot of Ireland’s modern and diverse food culture, from tacos to tapas, spice bags to sushi.

They are little books with big voices.

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